What is a media player skin you ask?


A skin is a user interface that enhances the application’s GUI (Graphic User Interface). A skin customizes that application’s interface and makes it look a certain way. Media player skins have recently been used as marketing tools. As a cricket fan I have paid tribute to Cricket South Africa and I have designed a CSA Winamp skin. Winamp (windows audio mpeg player) is a program from nullsoft that allows pc users to play audio files, particularly music, in many (but not all) popular digital audio formats, including ms-audio, wav, and mp3.


With winamp, it is possible to listen to shoutcast streaming radio broadcasts. The program allows the user to convert audio from analog tape recorders, phonographs, and other media to mp3 digital format, and it allows the user to burn mp3 files onto cds. Winamp can be configured to periodically scan folders on a computer hard drive for new media. The CSA skin have 13 301 downloads at the moment marketing CSA websites. The skin can have picture, mp3 files and links to market your brand or website.


Cricket South Africa Skin Portfolio

Here is the link


Marvelous The 925 Skin Portfolio


If you don’t have winamp player then you can download the player for free here


Install it in your computer and double click it.


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KMS Player v1


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