O.G Prime

OG Prime is a 18 year old vibrant rapper and song writer from Moloto who recently joined KMS and quickly built himself a number of followers by being actively involved on #KMScyphers and #KMS_Track_Preview. His first single "Phanda so" which was soon followed by the release of a music video saw an expansion of his fan base and subsequently bookings to perform in Sunny side, Tshwane. On the 20th of April 2018, O.G. dropped an eight track projected titled "Primes EP" which features Marvelous The N9ne2Five, Piet-Ross and Mooketsi. "This is just a teaser and to let the world know that O.G. is in the building" said the Moloto based rapper.


Apart from holding mics, this 18 year old has been an extra hand and mind on a number of video production by Kip Moving Studio as well as the engineering technicalities of song recordings. Presenting and emceeing falls within the area of his interests which he hope to persue in conjuction with his rap career. Currently, O.G. is planning to do radio tours promoting his project and performing around so as to stay in touch with the streets.



Primes EP can be downloaded for free on following links


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For Bookings

Donald Mahlangu

Call or whatsapp +27761180118

Email: donald@kipmovingstudio.co.za

Melton Kutu

Call or whatsapp +27793794352

Email: melton@kipmovingstudio.co.za


Download O.G Prime Single

O.G Prime-Phanda So

Download Prime E.P  by O.G Prime